Supported Living

Supported Living

What is Supported Living?

Supported Living services enable people with a range of needs to live a happy and fulfilling life. Independence and safety are the pillars of our service provision. When you or your loved ones go into Supported Living with Assisted Lives, they have their own home with their own tenancy agreement. At the same time, they receive support and care which can range from a few hours a week to one-to-one support, 24 hours a day. 

Our supported lives service assists people who have more control over their lives, to be confident and happy to make their own decisions in life.

Why you should choose Supported Living?

Depending on your health, you may find that you need some help taking and managing medications. As well as getting dressed or maintaining your personal hygiene routine.

You get the chance to live the life that you want. we provide you with trained staff who can help you with various things, such as personal care and even daily life skills.

At Assisted Lives we take socialising very important, we offer to allot of opportunities for people to get together.

You have staff who are there to support you with your specific needs which is a mental health boost.

What is Supported Living like with assisted Lives?

Supported living is designed to help people live happy lives filled with ambition. Whether it’s learning a new life skill such as cooking or money management, having the confidence to take up a new hobby or make new friends, or taking the first step into volunteering or employment, we’re here to support and encourage each goal, however big or small. 

Personalised Care & Support

Our services are built around you and your support package is entirely unique to you, designed to meet your preferences and care needs.

Assisted Lives UK - We offer a range of services to help you to maintain and live your chosen lifestyle as independently as possible
Supported living

24/24 support, We have well-trained staff. Skilled to work with the most complex cases in society.

Every Assisted Lives Care Worker you invite into your home will be compassionate and experienced. They will also be DBS checked, highly trained and will have close supervision.
Learning disabilities

We are qualified to deal with different learning disabilities. We also have good working partnerships with social workers to understand behaviors and work closely with families

Hospital to Home

6 weeks rehabilitation period to help build confidence for as much independent living as the service can manage.

Palliative care

Equipped with the best in the field to provide the best quality of life and to relieve suffering and symptoms for you or your loved ones.