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Assisted Lives provides Care and Support Services to assist people from all walks of life to greater choice, independence and control over their own lives. Allowing you to do the things you love. The Care & Support Service provides Support Workers to support individuals within their own homes, both on a practical and personal care level.

Maintain Your Own Independence and Lifestyle.

The service may vary from a very small amount of support weekly e.g. provision of shopping support weekly to large and detailed packages of care providing several visits per day, this of course depends on the individual needs of the service user

Why Do People Choose Assisted Lives Care Services

Day Services

Experience vibrant and engaging day services tailored to individual needs, promoting personal development, social interaction, and a sense of belonging within a supportive community.

Home Care

Receive care in the comfort of your own home. Our dedicated team ensures personalized assistance, promoting well-being and enabling individuals to maintain their independence.

Social Inclusion

Foster a sense of belonging and community through our social inclusion services, designed to empower individuals to actively participate in social activities, events, and build meaningful connections.

Supported Living

Embrace independence, offering tailored support in a home-like environment. We prioritize individual choice, autonomy, and a personalized approach to meet unique needs.

Palliative Care

Providing compassionate and specialized care to individuals facing life-limiting illnesses, our palliative care services prioritize comfort, dignity, and emotional support


We take our care seriously and a quality service is what where our focus lies. This is why we care about your feedback and comments, cherishing compliments and taking any concerns seriously.

Assisted Lives

Service Statistics

100% Say Support Workers understand tasks required.


93% Agreed that Support Workers understand them, and their care needs.


93% say they are made to feel safe.


92% Say Assisted Lives provide Quality Care

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Years Experience

Travel Assistance Training

Everyone should have the opportunity to be as independent as they can in all aspects of their life. Assisted Lives Travel Assistance Service (ALTAS) has been designed to train individuals with disabilities, learning difficulties, mobility and sensory impairments, to travel safely and independently. This training/service has been primarily designed for individuals aged 18+ and can provide benefits throughout their life:

For those eligible for travel assistance, training is paid through the council support budget. The Council will provide for students who successfully complete independent travel training with support.

“Travel Trainees” are referred to Assisted Lives Travel Assistance (ALTAS) Team by parents/ carers, social workers as well as other agencies. From the referral, the suitability of the individual will be assessed. This can include: personal information, relevant medical history, destination and information of any mobility, sight, hearing or behaviour issues.

You can complete the referral by clicking here

The “Travel Trainee” attends an initial assessment where they can ask questions or find out more information. Other parties can also attend such as parents/carers etc. After a successful initial assessment, a taster session will be arranged to access current skills to identify what skills needs to be gained.

Day Services

Assisted Lives is a registered day service provider for Bradford Metropolitan District Council and is in working in partnership with SALTS Hub based in Saltaire; offering a range of day service opportunities for disabled adults receiving social care support.

Ground Maintenance – Muddy Boots

Muddy Boots is a new adult day service created for individuals who require day service support with the intention of gaining skills to employment, training qualifications and social opportunities. Designed to teaching different methods and techniques which are required for grounds/ garden maintenance; learn how to grown and maintain flower beds, use equipment for gardening, repair walls, painting as well as create new foot paths and cycle routes. Come and join the team of active people. If interested, please contact the team to arrange a taster day.

Access to Music – MojoJack

MojoJack is a friendly, people-centred day service providing real choice and independent thinking by offering a range of activities to support the development of personal independence and self-esteem using performance in music and the arts. Based out of SALTS Hub in Saltaire, we are a new service working together aiming to encourage communication & expression, increase independence & confidence to develop good life skills through performance and social interaction. If interested, please contact the team and sign up for a taster session.

Access to Sport and Leisure Facilities – Invictus

We are committed to making SALTS Hub the best service in the Bradford District for disabled people to improve their health and wellbeing, regularly engage and be active with recreation and sport. We have a range of outdoor and indoor sports on offer such as: football, cricket, tennis, bowling and cycling. At Assisted Lives, we believe in inclusivity and ensuring that everyone has access to maintain their health and wellbeing. No matter what level you are at, please contact the team and organise a taster session.

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