Shopping Service

We buy and deliver your shopping and put away

We offer a comprehensive shopping service. There are two ways of doing this and the costs vary slightly depending on your needs.

If you are not able to go to the shop your self, we can take your shopping list, purchase the items and deliver it to your house. We do no just deliver it to your house and leave it behind the front door but promise to help you put your shopping away. We can help create the shopping list with you if you have difficulties doing this your self. We will visit the local shop or nearest Tesco Express type local store and expect this to take less than an hour.

We do not charge for cost of travel as this is attending the local shop and we expect this to be within walking distance or within a mile of your property. If the time taken for the shop exceeds one hour, then an additional excess charges will apply (see below)

The second option we offer is as follows:

We will help you create a shopping list, take you the shop or supermarket and help you with your shopping and bring you back home. This service is charged by the hour which includes the time taken to create the shopping list, travelling and time spent in the supermarket.

Excess Charges

(Please note, this will be the nearest supermarket to your property within a 3 mile radius, excess miles or visiting additional shops/supermarket will incur a 60p per mile charge. Any time spent longer than an hour, will incur a pro-rata hourly charge of 15 minute intervals. As stated above, this means that if the time taken is 1 hour and 5 minutes, then we will charge for one hour and 15 minutes, similarly if it takes 1 hr and 20 minutes, then, we will charge you for 1.5 hours.)

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